Ray Fawkes (ghoizdoz) wrote,
TCAF. TCAF was incredible. Wandering the halls, you'd keep hearing the voices of artists, overlapping. "Best show ever." "Incredible, incredible." "I'm sold out of everything. Someone wanted to buy my tablecloth." "My God, my entire existence is justified in this one, crystal moment." "I can't find my pass. Oh, it doesn't matter, it's free and here I am treated like a small, furred creature that has been kissed by the divine." "Who ate my Pringles?" etc.

The atmosphere of TCAF is incomparable, in terms of North American Comix shows. Reverent, academic, electric and ludicrous, all at once. Conversation was excellent, business was brisk, inspiration was constant, and my consuming fears were shared and enjoyed by all.

And the art. THE A R T.

Some people bought and enjoyed my first public work in pentameter. Christ, dare I go there? POETRY? Danger, danger.

Now I'm back and working on several scripts, for several projects. All stages, really - planning, roughing, polishing. Next weekend is Fan Expo, which, after TCAF, is like saying "I was on Neptune and next week I'll be on Mars." Luckily, comic book fans and appreciators of strange literature live on both.

If you were there, it was nice to see you. If you'll be there, see you there.

Demophobia: Fear of crowds.
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